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Garden Lamp


Lingam semi half sphere , designed in mathematically correct way according Egyptian sacral mathematics, or Vedic, shape has not only utilitarian functions, the object, placed vertically, also generates torsion fields, well known as Pyramids Torsion Field Effect. So, this item has deco, functional and spiritual/energetic fields of uses. Which way you wanna use it, is up to user... By obtaining CYCLOP LAMP basic shape from MAFFAM/personally me/, you can paint also your own graphitic works on basic pattern there is already included glow-in-the-dark effects, which means it will glow in the dark, photoluminescence effect, which makes your garden looking a little ghostly, surprising your guests...

There are options in dimensions, largest right now is 1300X 1150 X 940 mm. I am intended to built like 1,5 metres in diameter as well...

I just wanna to note that these articles is not easy to make at all, so they are available just in limited edition! For more information, please feel free to contact us