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Hello everyone, I’m Raimonds Cirulis and I am designer of Maffam brand. My story begins from my youth when I was always looking for unusual approaches to ordinary things.

The creator
Every detail is important when you make a product with a soul. I never stop and try to find something new, unusual and beautiful in ordinary things. It takes many hours, days, or even years from the moment when it seems that you found something interesting until the moment when the idea becomes a final product, which will see the buyer.
The nature
The nature at my countryside, where is my workshop located, deeply inspires me. There the flow of time is relative. You can take time to meditate and it helps for creation process.
My friends and me
My companions and friends are always with me. Sometimes you need a bit of quiet, tranquility and time for thinking, to achieve the goal, but it should always be the ones who will with you. Only by trial and error, you can achieve truly impressive things.
Basalt glass
It is designer’s Raimonds Cirulis invention how to create unique patterns into glass by using basalt fibers, applied within hot melt glassworks during glass blowing process.
Every article is unique and non-repeatable, even if you would like to so. It is impossible to predict which exact design patterns will appear. Indeed, it turns the glass works making process as real excitement, where just in seconds you have to make a decision about the final shape of the article design, until the glass is melted, by following the fibers flow within the glass.
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